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Palace of Arts website redesign

Palace of Arts is the definite queen of culture in the Hungarian capital. When it first opened its gates as a new cultural center in 2005 we were honoured with developing its first website. When it came to redesigning in 2013 we were flattered to win the opportunity to rebuild the whole experience from the ground up. Feeling excited and determined we embarked on a mission to set up a new benchmark for culture in digital.


Main page

Programming highlights, current events and genre-based suggestions cover the homepage 2500 pixels high. They say people don't scroll. We respectfully disagree. They always do if you display content they care for, neatly.


Program page

The event subpages are aimed at quick scanning with genre-based color coding and highlighting the most important information. However, after an event has passed the page changes focus with image and video gallery and featuring review articles covering the show.



The heart and soul of the website is the programming schedule of the Palace of Arts. It is a fully responsive grid covering the entire viewport to show as much content as possible but with a convenient amount of white space. Filtering, search, collapsable areas, a calendar and a list view, and event sneak peeks are added for efficient use.


Ticket purchase

We covered both business goals and user needs when creating the purchase flow. The previously used 3rd party ticketing system was integrated into the website, so that users have a seamless experience from browsing programs to the very end of the payment. They also find their tickets in their account after logging in, as well as some personalized suggestions based on their previous purchases.

Mupa-Ticket Purchase

Mobile version

We created a responsive experience where mobile is aimed at browsing programs followed by a quick and easy ticket purchase process. But we also thought of 1080p HD resolution use cases where the focus is on multimedia, for example watching an event broadcast live and following related social media content on the sideline.

On mobile we strived for utilizing the possibilities of the platform as much as possible. Gestures are enabled for swiping where it makes sense and you can use your account on your mobile as your ticket repository. No papers needed, trees stay alive, everyone’s happy!


Selected Works

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