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Gabor Jutasi - idea/UI

Bálint Ferenczy - idea/UX

Balázs Pőcze - copywriting

Daniel Kövesházi - animation

András Wetzel - animation

Travel made easy

Travel planning tools exist in silos, leaving the user to play jigsaw puzzles: should i first book the flight? But what if that great place I saw on Airbnb isn’t available then? And will I still get tickets for the play I really want to see?

Farvel aims to create a beautiful, smooth, and inspiring flow from the moment you think of taking a few days off until you’re on the way back full of fantastic experiences and memories. 

It gathers relevant services and makes them work together like never before.


Inspiration & Booking

Sometimes the only thing you know is that you want to hop on a plane and leave. Maybe some place warm. With great sights. Or no sights at all. You can’t type that in a search box, can you?

Farvel has your back. Based on the input you provide and the general info we know about you, it displays destinations and generally outlined offers in a gorgeous way, even on your television set.

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Mobile version


All set? You might think so, but Farvel has some tricks up its sleeve even after you’re done with booking.


There’s stuff to do before packing: we’ll keep you up to date with upcoming events and other local info, so that you can fully prepare for your trip. From choosing the right outfit to making sure you have tickets for the sights you don’t want to miss.


We can’t tell you what to buy in the Duty Free stores, but we’ll take care of everything else: alerts when it’s time to order an Uber, directions to security, and even your gate, no matter how many changes there are.

Once there

Finding the local equivalent of Time Out can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re not familiar with the language. Farvel gives you suggestions and handles bookings, keeping in mind what your personal preferences are, from favorite cuisine and art movement to the number of events you feel comfortable with any given day of your vacation.

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